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Sub_Urban stems from two Majorcan DJ’s restlessness, Vik-t & Sebas Ramis, in mid-2005.

Seeking a balance between the classical roots of house and techno they found the formula of minimalism magic that, at the time, kept growing in the main European capitals. During the early years they brightly shone in a race to educate the island clubbers, contracting for the first time, DJs and producers from the Berlin panorama. The adventure ended up successfully and established a new order in the Balearic clubbing scene, a new sound that had not yet arrived to our DJ booths...

Looking back, we see that for a time the Sub_Urban identity hides behind pseudonyms such as Freeze. And this is where Isaac Indart becomes an essential character, providing stability and maturity to the project that soon after would be again captained by Sebas Ramis.

In the late 2008, Sebas Ramis brings back to the light the Sub_Urban brand, betting, more strongly, bringing renowned artists who had never stepped on the island peaking in a spectacular 2009. Sub_Urban reaches its maximum splendor at events like the triple Sub_Urban Open Air Festival and at Halloween night, a classic night for the Sub_Urban team, perhaps the most awaited night.

2009 ends as busy as it started for Sub_Urban, taking over, along with Angel Costa, a spectacular agenda for Sala Fònica. A very busy year that took its toll in 2010. During the next two years a feeling of weariness and disappointment weighs on Sub_Urban team, mainly caused by large changes affecting the island’s nightlife. The island’s clubs and parties undergo a commercialization process mainly provoked by a growing economic crisis.

The new resurgence starts with the arrival of a new member to the team, Víctor Grande. Illusion and new ideas enhance again the brightness of the "Sub_Urban star”.
Approaching the 8th anniversary and having learned from great teachers and many friends like you, we launched reaching for a new dream, a way that we still have to draw but we face with the greatest illusion: to bring our brand beyond our borders, we launch Sub_Urban to the world as a new record label. We also designed and created this website so that you can follow every step we take.

Finally, our greatest thanks, besides those already named, Gabriela Rodriguez, Tomás Estaben, Iván Pons, Miguel Rosselló, Llorenç Torrenç, Toni Salom, Andreu Moya, Kike Sitjar, Phillip Loubet, Jordi Gelabert, Andreu Buades, Ramón Soler, Jaume Gavella, Cati Vallés, Jaume Andreu Mir, Guillem Mir, Pep Llompart, Borja Alcántara and many more ... Without your dedication none of this would have been possible.

Do not hesitate and check out our events history and get to know our work in greater detail ...

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