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Mr. Moon
Producing and remixing tracks with some of the head performers in his area, Mr. Moon gradually becomes an intrinsic part of the European soulful and deep house scene. He has songs and remixes in his portfolio for artists such as Lisa Shaw, Atjazz, Marshall Jefferson, Dj LeRoi,Kinky Movement,Distant People, Stereo Mutants,Pablo Fierro, Beloslava,Tri O Five, Lubo Kirov just to name a few. Mr. Moon was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria where he graduated from music school and naturally continued his higher education as a percussionist .As a musician he is vividly involved into european music life taking part into various soul, funk and jazz
projects. He's dj career starts in 2002 and since then he presents his music in most of the renowned clubs around.  
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