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Round Shaped Triangles

Round Shaped Triangles is a Balearic Islands based band that seamlessly blends both musical and underground influences. On stage, the synergy between the trio is positively alluring, where their original productions walk the line between jazzy, Detroit inspired house music and pulsating disco groove. There is an intimate energy between the members of the group, who in the classically Spanish style perform on the stage as a family. Brothers Andreu and Pedro Moyà each draw on unique backgrounds, one having been a lifelong dj/producer, the other an experienced live musician (keys,bass,drums.) Young vocalist Eider Blanco sings with soul way beyond her years, channeling the spirit of artists from generations of past. With inspirations ranging from Motor City Drum Ensemble, to Crazy P, Session Victim, and Detroit Swindle, the group is a bright new shining star in the world of live electronic music.

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