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Pere Campaner was born in Mallorca in 1984. He started to play guitar and sing in bands from the age of 14. At 18, he started to work as a sound technician and he set up his own studio. He combines his job as a sound tech with his career as a singer in a rock band, called Upupa Epops (with which he made an LP). Furthermore, in 2002, he started to perform as a Dj in some parties in Mallorca and Barcelona.

He focused his rock music production skills on the deepest side of house music and released his first track with Malo Records in 2011. The following year, he edited some tracks alone and others with Sebas Ramis as Underground Basement in Gimmick recordings, Unison recordings, Malo Records and Code 2 Records. This 2013 seems to be very productive for Campaner with more tracks signed with Sub_Urban, Depaart, Smiley Fingers, Crossworld Vintage, Crossworld Academy, Spring Tube Limited,Code 2 Records and Tivat Music.


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